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    Unhappy unable to Work with the JavaScript's Date function

    Dear all,
    I hope that this is the right section to place this thread.
    I am using the JavaScript's Date Function to do some validation on my form but when ever I want to print the converted date into an alter it says "NaN".
    My form have 4 drop down lists namely 'lstDay1' (Contains day of month like 02), 'lstMonth1' (Contains month like "Nov"), 'lstYear' (Contains Year like 2006) and 'lstTime1' (Contains Time like 4 PM format).
    I wish to convert this date as 02/Nov/2006 16:00:00 format using javaScript's datefunction. I am using the following javaScript :

    function DisplayDate()
    var strDateTime = new Date();
    var strDate;

    var strDD = "02" //document.getElementById('lstDay1').value;
    var strMM = "Nov" //document.getElementById('lstMonth1').value;
    var strYY = "2006" //document.getElementById('lstYear').value;

    var strTime = "4 PM" //document.getElementById('lstTime1').value;
    strDate=strDD+"/"+strMM+"/"+ strYY;
    alert("Date : " + strDate); //It Prints "02/Nov/2006"

    strDateTime = Date.parse(strDate);
    alert("Converted Date : "+strDateTime.toString()); //Here it prints NaN
    I don't know how to convert Time of format 4 PM to hh:mm:ss format.
    An early reply will highly appriciated.
    Last edited by rajat_sharma69; 10-23-2006 at 05:38 AM.
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