please help to solve this pblm

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Thread: please help to solve this pblm

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    Oct 2006

    please help to solve this pblm

    iam reading some value from a file and write to another file.In the reading file contains
    <edm:Order orderID="1024560"/>
    <edm:fromLegalEntity legalEntityID="01000908">
    these following i want output 1024560 (<edm:fromReference>) inside order item the above case(<edm:fromReference>) comes two times but inside<edm:OrderItem>&</edm:OrderItem>i only need.....these are differnt lines.....can any body please help with code
    the following code iused
    final String START4_TAG= "<edm:fromReference>";
    final String END4_TAG= "</edm:fromReference>";
    boolean efound=false
    if(line.indexOf(START4_TAG) > -1 ) { //this code handle edm.from refernce
    start6Pos = line.indexOf(START4_TAG);
    System.out.println("start pos"+start6Pos);
    start6Pos += START4_TAG.length();
    end6Pos = line.indexOf(END4_TAG);
    System.out.println("end pos"+end4Pos);
    //while (endPos == -1 && line != null)

    iwant to change what need to be handle above situation
    have no time to implement xml parser,and file is not fully xml...i showed some part of file......all remaining may be just text file.Therfore please tell whta modification i neeed to done above code

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    um ok, well tell me if im understanding you correctly. you just want a program to read through the text file above and then locate/print out 1024560? if so, you could just read in the file, locate "<edm:fromReference>", and then use StringTokenizer to just cut out the number.

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    Oct 2006
    u r correct yaar,iam using above code,can u tell me what modification needed in exisiting code

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