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    Exclamation Little problem using sms though an aplication

    Hi everyone!!
    O well, i'm trying to do a program so i can send sms from my computer (i'm using my mobile like a modem xD) and using at commands. O well, till now, i can send messages, but i need:

    1. some AT command that tell me if the sm that i send is really received from the user, or something that tell me if the sm arrive to the mobile that i wish and the time. You know, like when i send a e-mail and tell me if the mail arrive to the other user and if the user open the mail. I need something like this but when the sm arrive to the mobile (could be excellent if when the user open the sm xD)

    2. I really have bad times using vality period T_T. I dunno why, but when i use 5 minutes and i turn off the another mobile, i wait that time and then, i turn on the other test mobile. The bad thing, the message arribe just when i turn on the other mobile >_<... Do i'm doing something wrong??

    3. Can anybody tell me what at command can i use for cell broadcast?

    I really apreciate it if somebody can help me T_T

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