Greetings all,

I have a question about comboBox.

Using Visual Studio Beta 2, and C# in a Windows Application, I notice that
when my code is first run (i.e. before the comboBox is ever used) - the text
displayed in the comboBox is that of the "Text Property". However, once a
selection is made, the comboBox (by default) is left with the selected item'
s text. Well that's fine, but what I want is to programmatically redisplay
it's original text - I would think that comboBox.Text would do the trick,
but it doesn't. Or, maybe comboBox.SelectedIndex = -1 would work but it
doesn't. Try it. I'm assuming that a comboBox is called a comboBox because
it's a combination of a listBox and a textBox. But I'm not seeing the
textBox functionality. What am I missing here?


Thanks guys,