I am trying to generate xml from java file.Then I wanted to use the genererated xml file to generate java wrapper class and format it with XSL.
For example:

interface Hello
void sayHello(String hello);

I used java2XML api to get the following output.xml:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<java-class-file name="Hello.java">
<interface name="Hello" visibility="protected">
<method name="sayHello" visibility="protected">
<type name="void" primitive="true"/>
<formal-argument name="hello">
<type name="String"/>
Now using this XML as input I want to generate a Java Wrapper and format it with XSL.For example wrap the sayHello method in the Java Wrapper with some logging etc.

Something like wsdl2java.

I tried out with xml2java and zeus,both generate a class for each element and lot of other apis.

Please let me know if someone has worked on similar stuff.

Someone tried out similar stuff with reflection?

Thanks in advance.