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    Aug 2006

    Exclamation Trying to get servlet using javax.servlet.* package to work?

    I just setup J2EE 5 Application Server on Windows, but I cant get a simple java servlet (named ****) to compile and run which uses the javax.servlet.* package (I get a compile error saying package does not exist)?

    So I downloaded the Servlet SDK 1.5 and unzipped it... then I did this following command to compile **** which specifies -cp (class path) of Servlet SDK...

    javac -cp \servlet ****.java

    The above worked and it compiled... however I still can not get the ANT builder to compile ****, and I cant get the servlet to operate through the Application Server on a web browser?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Nov 2006
    If you want to servlet or ant first you need to set the classpath to those things.
    for servlets

    set classpath=c:\servlet-api.jar;

    for ant you need to set path as

    set path=c:\ant\bin;

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