Professional developerís team offers a hardware and software development services according to individual customerís requirements. Our group was formed on base IMTLab of Tomsk State University of Control System and Radioelectronics. We have over 7 years experience to execute an international hardware and software projects. We have strong skills in fields of video processing and digital signal processing. Our team consists of having degree specialists in electronics and programming, including PhD person in computer science.

Software environment
Operating systems: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, pSOS 2.5, Linux 2.6 kernel
Software technology: Win32 API, DirectX, DirectShow, DDK, MFC, ATL, ActiveX, COM, TSSA components, POSIX, WDM, NuMega DriverWorks
Software IDE: Microsoft VisualC, AVR Studio 4, Keil uVision3
project management:WinCVS

Hardware tools and CADs.
Design CAD: AutoCAD
Circuit and board CAD: OrCAD, Altium2004, PCAD
Circuit modeling/calculation language: PSpice
CAD for FPGA, CPLD: SYNPLIFY PRO V7.3.1, Active-HDL 6.1, ALTERA MAX PLUS+II v10.2, ALTERA Quartus II v.4.2, XILINX ISE 6.3i
Languages FPGA, CPLD: VHDL, Verilog
DSP: TriMedia, MIPS, TM640, ARM
Microcontrollers: Atmel, PIC, C161

We make for following services:
- development of hardware and software parts of devices, design effort, manufacturing application, technical documents, SDK, technical support
- development of software and/or hardware modules according to individual customerís requirements, SDK, technical documents, support
- development of software, including drivers, for standard and non-standard devices (equipment), technical documents, support

Sphere of action:
- solution of non-typical tasks and R&D
- digital image processing
- multimedia systems
- development of industrial/civil automation systems

Please contact us by
e-mail: (at)