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    Sending a String and Int in the same datagramPacket


    I am trying to send a String and an Int number over a UDP socket in a byte array using a DatagramPacket to a server program from a client program. On the server end I need to split the byte array up and change the value of the Int number and then resend the String and Int back to the client. How can I send an Int number and a String in the same byte array, and then separate them at the server end?

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    Have you looked at creating a Packet (or some other name) class with these two fields, and make the class Serializable - able to be written to a stream, transmitted, and then reconstructed. Begin your research at


    You can write your serialized class to a ByteArrayOutputStream to create the byte[] for your DatagramPacket. Reconstruct at the other end with a ByteArrayInputStream.
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