Hello Folks!

UML Tool - JUDE/Professional3.1, JUDE/Server 3.1, JUDE/Community 3.1 have been released!!

In JUDE/Professional 3.1 , we started supporting [Import Java] function for a part of Java 5.0 based on our user's requests!

What you can do with JUDE/Professional 3.1 is...
*UML 2.0 (Party) and UML 1.4 (Fully)
*Mind Maps
*Convert Mind Maps tp UML models and vice versa! (You should check this out!)
*JUDE API Release (Class Diagram & UseCase Diagram & Mind Map! *New*)
*Export RTF, HTML Documents also Images!
*UseCase Descriptions
*XMI Input/Output
*Merge JUDE Projects
*Multilingual Display (Alias)
and MORE!

You can evaluate JUDE/Professional for free for 20 days!

JUDE/Server is a free product that supports UML model management (i.e., by various team members) for models produced by JUDE/Professional.

JUDE/Community 3.1 is a free version that support all UML 1.4 basic diagrams. Features are limited compared to JUDE/Professional 3.1 but its a software that over 120000 people use in all over the world!

Just try and see how our JUDE works for you!

Satomi Joba
Change Vision, Inc.
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