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    Same session browser issue.


    I have experienced a problem when working in multiple browsers,
    ie. When working in a web form, I open a new browser from the exising browser (control +N) and after that If i made changes in the second form and saved it, then I look in the 1st browser the changes will effect on the 1st browser also. My questions are:

    1) Is this second browser gets the same session from the 1st browser.
    2) due to this we can save null values in the db even there are validation restrictions, so how to solve this issue?

    pls advice..

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    A man goes to the doctor and says "it hurts when I do this." The doctor says, "then don't do that."

    I really have no idea, actually, about sessions interacting with windows opened via CTRL-N. I do know that if your validation scheme is allowing null values in the database, then you have a faulty validation scheme. Any code that talks to the database should be isolated in a "data class", or a "data layer" in your application. Any code that writes to the database should perform its own validation. Nothing the user does on the browser side should be able to circumvent your server-side validation routines.

    You're asking the wrong question. It doesn't matter if the user opens 16 windows and hits the submit button 5 times, or has JavaScript disabled, or hits the back button, etc. The error is in your application. Review your stored procedures and server-side validation code.

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