Hey Everyone!
My goal is to to reaverage the grades after the lowest has been dropped. I am working with a five element array. I would like to find the lowest value in the array and remove it from the array then resize the array with the elements that remain.
Since I have sorted the array, I know that I would like to remove the first element in the array since it is the lowest. Below is the code that I have tried but cannot get it to work.

Thanks for your help!

Sub theArray()
For i As Integer = 1 To 5
Console.WriteLine("Enter grade: " & i)
grades(i) = Console.ReadLine
sum = grades(i) + sum
average = sum / UBound(grades)
End Sub
' i was using this code to replace the first element with nothing
'then reaverage the grade with only 4 grades instead of five

Sub DropLowest()
grades(1) = Nothing
newAverage = sum / UBound(grades) - 1
End Sub