load balancing question

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Thread: load balancing question

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    load balancing question

    We have an form in asp. After the user enters his information and click submits, we make an entry in the database. The code is pretty straightforward. However, we have been noticing multiple entries in our database for certain users with each entry being entered fractions of a second apart. There is no pattern and it doesn't happen for every user. We have 3 servers that are load balanced. The only explanation for these "duplicate" entries is that the request is being sent multiple times. I'm not very familiar with load balancing servers and how they are configured. My question is whether there is a possibility in this load balancing environment that the same request (form post) be received by multiple servers or at least multiple times.

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    I have no idea, having never coded for a load-balanced server. I mean, of course I have, but it has never been an issue. I've always had good hardware guys, and so hardware configuration issues haven't been someting I've had to worry about.

    In any case, the code itself shouldn't allow for duplicate entries. Your code should check for an existing entry before writing it.

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    right said fred!!

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