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    Jun 2006

    Arrow Assembly Spim Mips

    Someone can help me to make one program in assembly language? i can pay ....its a very simple one, we can comment together... and just learn it together and share over internet... its just working with spim simulator...around cicles

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    Dec 2004
    San Bernardino County, California
    What do you mean by "around cicles"?

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    Mar 2004
    Why are you asking about assembly in a java forum?

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    Dec 2004
    San Bernardino County, California
    I took a compiler class this summer and we wrote our scanner/parser/compiler components in Java, producing output in MIPS machine language which we executed on PC Spim. I figured he is a fellow traveler ...

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    Jun 2006

    Post Simplex

    If someone is interested can contact me - danielvnikar@hotmail.com ... can be done also using C, its just a program of a candy machine that you putone coin and then you choose a number it removes the quanity of the money and appears written in the screen that ppl can take the candy, also sees when you choose one candy if its up to date...so if already pass the actual date, from the sys, appears one msg written.. you cannot take that product because its out of date... and its jsut this... one list of candies with numbers 1 mars 1$ 2 gum 2$....and so on..., where it ask, put the coin... then you put 1$ and then appears choose the product, if you press one that tis more expensive appears written, not enought money,if tis that price then he makes the verification then appears a msg, the candy is out you can take it...and then appears other msg the money is 0$ ...or if you put more money like 5$ it will appear you still have 4$...take out the money writting "money" or buy more writting the new code of the product... then we make the selectiong we want, just writting one string... i would want to make this in assembly...because i dont have that much time...but if someone wants to make it on C...its ok, i pass to assemble very easily from C.... if someone wanna try assembly version...can also try, ... Its just that candy or snack machines that its just over there... nothing about of interface. Just strings that give questions and we just choose ... and then makes operation depending the choice... I need for the end of december...so if someone wanna try... just contact, its there up my email...
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