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    Extends and implements

    I've just learned Java and i have a problem. That is extends and imlements.
    Can you tell me when use extends and imlements in heritage class.
    And tell me the different of them.
    Thank you !

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    You implement an interface. An interface is the "signature" (declaration) of fields or methods which will be defined in those classes which implement the interface. It allows a calling class to address all objects which implement the interface in a common way, while each implementation can carry out the work differently.

    You extend a parent class (inheritance). You inherit the parent class's fields and methods, which you can supplement or override.

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    actually interfaces (those are implemented) exist because java doesn't support the multiple inheritance - you can think of a lot of reasons when it comes methods which have the same signature. Interfaces offer a lot other advantages. a class can implement many interfaces. because the methods are never implemented - only their signature exists... read more about it on the net... wikipedia should give you an overview about the basic principles of java.

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