Displaying HTML in a winform app

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Thread: Displaying HTML in a winform app

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    Displaying HTML in a winform app


    I'm writing a basic web page builder (winforms) and currently im using a dhtmledit control. I use a sum total of zero of the in-built editing commands but instead hold the html in a string. For any editing I update this string and assign it to dhtmled.documentHTML. Effectively I am just using it as an HTML display, the only other part I use is capturing click events so that I can grab the element that was clicked (via Dhtmled.DOM.parentWindow.event.srcElement).

    I've used this method as it was used in a VB6 version of the app. It feels that this is a bit overkill, seeing as I'm using none of the dhtmled's main functionality, is there a more lightweight control that will simply display html passed in a string and give me the ability to detect the srcElement of a click (with the ability to 'rollout' to containing tags via the .parentElement property)?

    I seen some stuff regarding the webbrowser control, this looked promising http://www.devx.com/vb2themax/Tip/18798 but I couldn't find a way to push html into it other than webbrowser.navigate which is useless (as far as I can see) when the html is held in memory. I've had a look through some other 3rd party components but can't find anything that seems to match my needs.

    Any suggestions, links, etc welcome.

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    How about this one instead?

    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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    Thanks, I found another snippet of code for forcing html into a webbrowser from memory, I might take a look and see if this might be a better road to go down, although I've managed to tame the dhtmled control a wee bit and it's working well for me. I look forward to the day when there is a native .Net html renderer available (interop is scary )

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