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    Oct 2006

    continue on finally

    is it possible to give continue statement on finally block

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    Nov 2006
    yes, but it makes hardly any sense... finally is always executed - even if an exception occures within the try block. if you are talking about your file reading problem - this is not a solution. try to understand examples from the net or send the exact error message you get and the file you are trying to read etc...

    here is a piece of code which is similar to what you want - you should not do it like that... you can put the continue in a finally block if you want...

    for (int i=0; i<100; i++) {

    try {

    if (i%10 == 0) {
    throw new Exception("Dividing by ten exception!");
    System.out.println("-> " + i);
    catch(Exception exc) {

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