Help me to convert SQL queries to Oracle!!!

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Thread: Help me to convert SQL queries to Oracle!!!

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    Question Help me to convert SQL queries to Oracle!!!

    HI, I a a student and as a part of my academic project I had to change some queres from SQL to Oracle but I couldn't convert these queries beacuse they use some system tables in SQL that I don't know the equivalant Oracle tables. Following are SQL Queries would you pliz some one helppppp meeee!!!!
    1. SELECT name, xtype FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype IN('U', 'V') AND name <> 'dtProperties' AND objectproperty(id, 'IsMSShipped') = 0 ORDER BY name

    1. SELECT FROM sysobjects AS tS WHERE ( IN (SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'U') AND xtype ='U') OR ( IN (SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype = 'V') AND xtype ='V')

    1. SELECT as TableName, as FieldName, c.colid as Field_Ordinal, as FieldType, c.length as FieldLength, c.prec as FieldPrecision, c.scale as FieldScale, c.isnullable, c.iscomputed, CASE WHEN c.status & 0x80 > 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS isidentity, columnproperty(,, 'IsRowGuidCol') as isrowguidcol FROM (sysobjects o JOIN syscolumns c ON = JOIN systypes t On c.xtype = t.xtype WHERE o.xtype IN ('U', 'V') AND (t.xtype = t.xusertype)

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    You will find that most people perfer not to do someone's homework for them. Where I would start is by finding out what info the system tables are providing and how it is used in the query. Next step would be to see if Oracle has similar system tables or perhaps a function that can return similar info. Then rework the criteria to produce a similar result as what the criteria against the system tables does. The rest of the conversion would be the same at what you have already done in converting your other queries.
    Usualy system tables are there to provide structural information about the database, like table names, field names and their data types. Things like this so if you find out what type of info, like table names, or field names, etc... Are being returned when you filter the records by xtype being only 'U' or 'V' then you can find out how you get the same info from an Oracle database. Then change the query to get the same info using Oracle's method and then you can start appliing the other critera to procude the same results.

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