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    Update access database next recordset not grabbing update

    I am having a problem where I am updating several rows in a table. I then set the connection to nothing and close it. After that I set a recordset to the rows that I just updated and it is not grabbing the correct information. I know that the rows get updated because when I set a breakpoint in the program I cant replicate the problem. Just not updating quick enough. Is there a way to know if the updates have finished or to be sure the recordset is cleared from the last time?

    Any help thanks

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    Not sure what is going on but you might try not closing and assigning your connection object to nothing. A recordset uses the connection object, so my guess is that it is simply returning the same data it had before, because the connection is no longer valid.

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    you are right I am not closing the connection but I am closing the recordset. Either way the resolution to the problem was to change the recordset from a adodb to an ado. It turns out ado is faster or at least it is working for me.

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    Do you mean DAO? because ADODB is ADO.

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