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    Question HTTP Post Problem

    Hi All,
    I have a bit detailed question. So, please be kind enough to take few minutes and give me an advice.
    Currently, we have an ASP.NET based Invoice engine application. It basically handles the customer details with their invoice details. One of our client told us that he cannot access our web services or database to feed the data. But he said, his system can send the data via HTTP POST to our application and his system wants the response about data inserted or not.
    1. How can I catch those posted data from my hosted ASP.NET application? (C# preferred)
    2. How can I post the response back to the client?
    3. Canít we develop web services to catch those posted data via HTTP POST?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayan_au View Post
    One of our client told us that he cannot access our web services or database to feed the data.
    Lets start with a basic question.

    What happens when this client tries to access the web service or database? What, if any, errors is he receiving?

    Is this happening with ALL your clients, or just this one?

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