Iím trying to figure out how to pass the userís ID and password, using form-based authentication and file realm, to our JDBC connection. I realize the users will have to keep their file realm ID and password synchronized with their database ID and password, but we have no choice because the database is RACF protected making JDBC realm out of the question. We have a Web application running on a Sun Application Server. This application is basically a report generator. Based on user inputs, the application will query a DB2 database on an IBM mainframe, and then display the results. Our requirements are that we have to pass the userís ID and password to the database. I have a connection pool configured, although Iím not quite sure that makes any sense because how can the application server keep a pool of connections when we donít provide a user ID and password with the connection pool properties? Anyway, Iíve searched high and low to figure out how to connect the user ID and password taken from the form, down to the JDBC connection. Iíve read somewhere that once we let the container handle authentication; we no longer have access to the user ID and password through the code. Currently we are temporarily disabling the form-based authentication and grabbing the user ID and password and passing it on down through the code to the JDBC connection, but that doesnít sound correct and I would like to fix it. If anybody knows the answer, I would appreciate the help. Thanks!