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    Oct 2006

    help me with a code

    I use string delimiter functionality and retrieve value from log like following format on text file
    system SubTicket id ticket id
    Tata 268535910#268898468#268436256 1035766
    Unisys 1035766
    Infosys 268535910#268898468#268436258 1035766
    Kanbay 268535910#268898468#268436254 1035766
    But after retieving values i nned to arrange out put in the following way
    system SubTicket id ticket id
    __________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________
    Kanbay 268535910#268898468#268436254 1035766
    Tata 268535910#268898468#268436256 1035766
    Infosys 268535910#268898468#268436258 1035766
    Unisys 1035766

    it is only example.........lot of numbers comes on subticket id......based on that ineed to arranging asending.....Is it possible in java.....If so can any body help me with code

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    Nov 2006
    yeah.. it's possible.. ask a more precise question please. put it in an array and use collection.sort or write your own sort method...

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    Oct 2006
    can u please tell where u r facing pblm in understanding question

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    Nov 2006
    just write step by step in propper english what you have what you want and where exactly your problem is...

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