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    Oct 2006

    Servlets in eclipse-tomcat plug in


    I am working java in eclipse IDE.I downloaded tomcat apche and tomcat plug in for eclipse.I installed it. first it executd my program correctly,but now it is giving an error.
    first I downloaded my apachetomcat on desktop.but it did not worked so i uninstalled it and again downloaded and installed in another directory.First 2 times it worked properly i changed all settings and everything.
    After that it is not running.When i click run button then it is giving an error that

    The archive c:/Document and settings /desktop/apache-tomcat- which is referenced by classpath is doesnot exists.

    From desktop i removed apache-tomcat- and kept in a diffrent directory c:/java/apache-tomcat-

    can anybody tell me how to fix this.


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    Nov 2006
    I ran into this same problem and stumbled on your message through a Google search. It's been a month since you posted your message but just in case you haven't figured it out yet...

    In the J2EE view in Eclipse there's a server tab at the bottom of the window. Double-click the Tomcat server that appears there and in the window that opens click on the "Open Launch Configuration" link.

    From there go to the "Classpath" tab and remove the invalid entry. Once I did that the server started up fine.

    Hope that helps! Happy coding!

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