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    Angry Exception: HTTPS hostname wrong, while sending data on ssl using http tunneling

    I am sending data using http tunneling on https protocol. I am sure i have got certificates installed properly. While running my program with -Djavax.net.debug=all option i get long list of ouput telling me handshake has properly occured but eventually the application dies leaving the following stacktrace:

    java.io.IOException: HTTPS hostname wrong: should be <id address>
    at sun.net.http://www.protocol.https.HttpsClien...lient.java:490)
    at sun.net.http://www.protocol.https.HttpsClien...lient.java:415)
    at sun.net.http://www.protocol.https.AbstractDe...ction.java:170)
    at sun.net.http://www.protocol.http.HttpURLConn...ction.java:839)
    at sun.net.http://www.protocol.https.HttpsURLCo...nImpl.java:230)
    at XMLUploadClass.UploadStream(XMLUploadClass.java:605)
    at XMLUploadClass.writeXML(XMLUploadClass.java:546)
    at XMLUploadClass.main(XMLUploadClass.java:354)

    guys any clues plz.. its been the whole day, banging my head, but to no avail. I haven't left a place in google.

    i am sending stream in xml format. Yes i have set header to text/xml
    yes i hv set setDoOutput to true
    yes i hv setRequestMethod("POST")
    Thanks and regards
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