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Thread: who's better Visual J++ 2005 or normal Java Language

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    Aug 2006

    Question who's better Visual J++ 2005 or normal Java Language

    Hey ,,
    I decided to learn Java Language , but I need your help for who's better Visual J++ 2005 or normal Java Language like NetBeas 5.5..

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    Dec 2004
    San Bernardino County, California
    That depends on what you think you are looking for - - how are you deciding what "better" is.

    Visual J++ is a part of Microsoft's Visual Studio so it writes to and from the .NET framework. It is not Java. It can be run only on Windows OS computers with .NET framework installed. It will provide you capabilities (short cuts) not available to you so directly if you were writing outside of Visual Studio and not gaining access to the Common Language Runtime.

    You would also be investing your time and development efforts to a proprietary programming language with proprietary standards.

    You have to decide what's "better" for you.

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    Aug 2006
    Thanks for u ,
    I moved to live in Canada (Vancouver) ,so i want to know who's better to learn to find a job ,,caz I was working in my country but here the don't prefer tis language .
    I want to learn language that I can find a job more easer..

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    If you are finding that the employers in your area want Java skills, then they want the real thing. Don't bother with J# unless a company specificies it exactly. The two are not interchangeable.

    (By the way there is no such thing as Visual J++ for .NET 2005. It is called J#--say "Jay sharp".)


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