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    waht is the process to be followed after setting path ?

    hello everyone

    i am a beginner in java and would appreciate an answer to the problem i am facing.
    i work on windows xp os and after installing j2sdk5.0,i have set the environment variable path to c:\sun\appserver\jdk\bin,but i dont think this si working for me .everytime i compile a program ,i ahve to place the class file in bin and then run it ,otherwise it is not able to find the class.is thereanything that i have done wrong.please let me know

    thankyou in advance

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    There are two paths that have to be modified as it is seen in the attachment.
    It looks to me that you have modified only one of them.
    Good luck,
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    Path is used for calling javac or java from any location. That is the reason you are adding the location of java.exe and javac.exe in the path. Since you are copying the class file to another one location, there is nothing to do with path. Your CLASSPATH variable is not set properly. That is the reason you are required to copy the class files in to a location which has already been added in the CLASSPATH variable. ADD current path ( just add "./") to the CLASSPATH, program will run successfully.

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