.Net 2 C#: DropDownList arguments and me

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Thread: .Net 2 C#: DropDownList arguments and me

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    Dec 2006

    .Net 2 C#: DropDownList arguments and me

    Hello peeps,

    Im hoping you can help me with what is most likely a very simple problem.

    I have a dropdownlist. This dropdownlist represents a count for a product and is part of a repeater. Just before the repeater reaches each dropdownlist, i set the quantity from the dataset and afterwards populates the dropdownlist using this value inside a method bound to OnDataBinding on the dropdownlist control itself.

    So far so good, that works like a charm.

    However, when the page life cycle has ended and the user reselects an entry in one of the dropdowns, i would ofcourse like to update this. I have a method bound to OnSelectedIndexChanged and AutoPostBack set to true. My problem is that the id of the product which the dropdownlist represents is not present.

    What i really want to do is pass an argument when OnSelectedIndexChanged fires, but i have not been able to find any ways of doing this?

    Im sure im missing something simple here.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Dec 2006
    Hmm.. I can see that several people have viewed this thread, and also that there is never threads than this one with replies.

    Is my question unclear or is my problem more complex than i think? (and i still cant find a darn solution for it )

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