Disaster Recovery for developer tools

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Thread: Disaster Recovery for developer tools

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    Disaster Recovery for developer tools


    My department is updating our disaster recovery procedures for developer's personal computers. We were wondering if there was some way we could backup the developer software and restore to different computers without having to reinstall each tool or program. We want to avoid having to reinstall MS .Net, Visual Studio, VB, 3rd party controls, etc if possible - we would like to restore from the backup to the new computer. Is this possible? What other methods are available for DR backup & recovery for developer workstations? I have only seen examples of server disaster recovery.


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    If u will not change the OS, u may backup your primary drive [C: at most] and reextract it in the new computer then update your hardware comptability with the OS ..

    over internet there are many backup tools, also most of OS themself had this tools built-in but many software provide many better feautures .
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