Can anyone explain me the work-flow of AppLocale tool in XP?

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Thread: Can anyone explain me the work-flow of AppLocale tool in XP?

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    Question Can anyone explain me the work-flow of AppLocale tool in XP?

    First of all, let me explain my problem, I want to execute one of my application in some other language(locale) different from system locale without restarting the windows Xp, for that I can use the tool AppLocale. That is fine , but I want to know the workflow of this tool , preferably if anyone can explain me what the contained DLL's functionality in this tool , then it will be great help. Hope to get Promp reply.

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    It's Micro$oft's tool , ask them :D
    I don't know exactly but I think it make a layer session in your windows user [it runs only under win xp] and in this session your regional is set to accept other than the local language for specified application .. or it opens the selected exe file and read it's unicode content under the specified language , it's OS work during loading the application .
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