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    Raghavendra Guest

    Error in Deploying c# or vb.net developed application in win98

    I am getting an error while Deploying c# or vb.net developed application
    in win98.
    I have created an exe of vb.net application in .net environment on winNT
    When i try deploying on win98 i am getting the following error.
    It is giving an error saying "Application has generated an Exception that
    could not be handled"

    can anybody help me..


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    GJ007 Guest

    Re: Error in Deploying c# or vb.net developed application in win98

    What kinds of things is your app doing? I ask because, even though it doesn't
    say it in the docs:

    System.Threadpool does not work in Win9x. It only works in Windows 2000/XP,
    as Win9x does not have a System threadpool. I thought MS would've simulated
    one in Win9x, but maybe not yet. Also, I don't think Async I/O works in win
    9x either. Thought I can't verify that. I only tried Threadpools with Windows
    ME, but we since gave up on Win ME, and exclusively target Windows XP/2000,
    so I don't know for sure.

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