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    ptviewer "loading java applet failed"

    Hi I'm trying to use a java applet called ptviewer on my server. It works fine on my local server but after I ftp the files I get the little red X and "loading java applet failed".

    I haven't changed any code, or structure of the directories, does anyone have any ideas? Googled it and maybe it's something to do with needing a .htaccess file but I'm a bit lost. The code for the applet in the html file is:

    <applet code="ptviewer.class" archive="ptviewer.jar" width=300 height=200 id="virtual_applet">
    <param name=file value="img/panos/<? echo $cottage."_".$room ?>.jpg">
    <param name=cursor value="MOVE">
    <param name=pan value=-105>
    <param name=showToolbar value="true">
    <param name=imgLoadFeedback value="false">
    <param name="auto" value="0.08"> <!-- auto rotation speed -->
    <param name="view_width" value="300">
    <param name="view_height" value="200">
    <param name="quality" value="3">
    <param name="pan" value="10">
    <param name="tilt" value="0">
    <param name="fov" value="100">  <!-- starting zoom -->
    <param name="fovmax" value="150">
    <param name="fovmin" value="60">

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    Oct 2006
    problem fixed thanks anyway.

    applet tag needed extra attribute for online server as follows (don't know why)

    <applet code="ptviewer.class" archive="ptviewer.jar" codebase="http://www.your_domain.com/jar_file_directory_if_not_root/" width=300 height=200 id="virtual_applet">

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