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    Michael Welch Guest

    Forcing Property Window to Update

    I created my own Guage control by inheriting from
    System.Windows.Forms.Control as a learning excercise.

    I created Value, Minimum and Maximum properties and have their behavior
    mimic the behavior of the properties of the same name in the ProgressBar.

    That is if you use the property window to change the minimum value, and you
    change it to a number that is larger than the maximum value, then both the
    maximum and the value property are changed as well and the change is
    immediately visible in the property window. My code actually changes the
    value correctly, however the property window does not reflect that I have
    changed the maximum property or the value property until I actually click on
    one of them.

    With UserControls in VB6 I know you had to call the PropertyChanged method
    to notify the environment that you changed a property.

    Anyone know how I do this in .NET?


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    Michael Welch Guest

    Re: Forcing Property Window to Update

    > Anyone know how I do this in .NET?

    I have found my answer. For others that care you use the
    RefeshPropertiesAttribute on any property that causes other properties to


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