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Thread: Inserting an XFDL object into a Div

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    Inserting an XFDL object into a Div

    Not 100% sure this is the proper area, however, here is my issue and mods feel free to move this whereever.

    Little background I am using Websphere v6 and Workplace Forms Server 2.6 and the form can be viewed fine using a simple get request from the servlet

    I have an ajax page that recieves a response from a servlet then writes the response to the innertext of a div tag. This response is in the form of an XFDL document. When the response is recieved it apears the response is of a MIME type and cannot be properly viewed the response that is shown is

    application/vnd.xfdl; content-encoding="base64-gzip" H4sIAAAAAAAAC+19bXPbVpLu582v4PVU3Zn5AOu8v2Qd7T0HOKfGM47jjTMzu3Vry0VLsMUVReqK...

    The servlet writes using the following code

    theForm.writeForm(response.getOutputStream(), null, 0);

    Now I pretty much know what the problem is, the browser is expecting an html document and the output is in a differant MIME type. Is there a way that anyone can think of to view the mime type on the page as well?

    ***** UPDATE******
    Ok forgive me for my lack of MIME knowledge I got rid of the DIV tag and made it an object tag so the insert command looks like this


    and the tag looks like this

    <object id="objTest" type="application/vnd.xfdl" data="" />

    still shows nothing (I was hoping I would get one of those plug in missing logos) any ideas?
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