i am trying to insert a date to OleDb data base. its Field Type is DateTime.
what is wrong with my insert query? by avoiding the date field using this query
ssql = "INSERT INTO mytable (Address,Name) VALUES (@address,@name)"
i can insert Address and name to database.

something is wrong in the syntax for Date Field. pls help me.This is my code.it shows Syntax error in INSERT INTO Statement

Dim insertOk As Boolean = True
Dim sqlcon As OleDbConnection = New OleDbConnection("Data Source=C:\Debug\Data.mdb; Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; User ID=Admin")
ssql = "INSERT INTO mytable (Address,Name,Date) VALUES (@address,@name,@dt)"
sqlcmd = New OleDbCommand(ssql, sqlcon)

sqlcmd.Parameters.Add("@address", TextBox2.Text)
sqlcmd.Parameters.Add("@name", TextBox1.Text)
sqlcmd.Parameters.Add("@dt", Convert.ToDateTime(DateTimePicker1.Value.ToString) )

Catch ex As OleDbException

insertOk = False
End Try
If insertOk Then
MsgBox("Details Submitted Successfully!")
Else : MsgBox("There was an error saving your data!")
End If