Problem :SICK: Unable to Set Text Property of Range Class

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Thread: Problem :SICK: Unable to Set Text Property of Range Class

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    Question Problem :SICK: Unable to Set Text Property of Range Class

    Hi i Have tried dMuch to set the Value In THe excel sheet from VIasual Basic But Cant Set .the Value Are Stored in Excel as a number i.e. Cell Format is in Number. I Want to Change The Format of Cell To Text


    Set The Following Value in the Excel Sheet.

    oSheet.Range("B2").Value = "0002e001"
    plz try it. the VAlue Stored in Excel Sheet is :2.00 e 001

    Reply Immediately

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    Excel thinks it is a number in scienctific notation because of the 'e' which is the exponent seperator. Try forcing the numeric format to be a string like this:
    oSheet.Range("M3").Cells().NumberFormat = "@"
    oSheet.Range("M3").Value = "0002e001"

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    Or simply precede the number with a single quote:

    oSheet.Range("M3").Value = "'0002e001"
    Phil Weber

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