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Thread: Regular expression

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    Regular expression

    I want to write a parser in C(may be borland or MS-VC). I want to know is there any function to use regular expression in C. I dont want third parties library. If any native function on Windows platform please let me know.
    Thank you.

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    if you want to write a parser in C there are two programs I recommend: lex/yacc.
    There are various clones out there,too bison/byacc ....
    Many of them let you generate C++ classes as well as pure C functions and types.
    Just put something like "Parser generator" into your favourite search engine.
    I know, it's not exactly what you asked, but if you seriously want to write a compiler,
    that's the way to go.
    By the way: the Boost library has templates/classes for regex and parsing, but they will only work with C++. Probably you should consider that?


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    You can download a regex library from www.boost.org
    It uses object-oriented, STL style iterators to search, replace and manipulate sequences fo text. This library is already part of standard C++, so if you can download an up-to-date versions of the Standard Library (Dinkum's for example), you can use it directly, without having to install any other patches or third-party libraries. I know that you're not looking for third-party libraries but since this is part of C++03, it's standard.
    If you're looking for C regex, you can use the POSIX regex libraries. However, I'm, not sure they're available on Windows.
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    Danny Kalev

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    C does not include any regular expression support in its standard library. Neither does C++. Visual C++ contains some regular expression support as part of ATL (the Regex class), but that's C++, not C. I'm not familiar with Borland C++ Builder's libraries so I could not tell if it contains some support for regexes.

    Boost (www.boost.org) does contain two different regular expression libraries for C++ (Regexp and Xpressive), and the Spirit parser (this is perhaps interesting for you, since you are able to define the grammar for the language you wish to parse by means of a BNF-like syntax, and the library takes care of all the parsing). A compiler-compiler tool such as Bison/Lex/Yacc, as drkybelk rightly indicates, is a valid alternate solution which does not require including external libraries.

    On a side note, parsing by means of regular expressions is not the best idea in the block, unless the grammar you intend to parse is very simple and linear. Regular expressions are capable of managing regular grammars (with a few enhancements for irregular grammars) but cannot deal correctly with context-free grammars (which include XML/HTML, a simple math string as "(b - 3) / 2 + 5" or even an URL string). It's difficult to explain why in simple terms without resorting to formal language theory, but context-free grammars require a very different approach for parsing, not the one used by regular expressions.


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