Hello everyone ! i am a new student in c++. i cudnt keep it up with lecturs so i am behind other students. i dont have even a single class fellow in my city. i need to make this programm. can anyone make it for me please?? i will write this program just like my universiy agave me in asignment..
Write down a program which consists of writing a CRectangle class, with the class definition in a .h file, and the implementation in a .cpp file.
So there should be three files provided with this program.
1. CRectangle.h
2. CRectangle.cpp
3. MainProgram.cpp

Steps to follow.
1. The class should have 4 members: iTop, iRight, iBot, and iLeft, all of type int.
2. It should have a default constructor and a copy constructor.
3. It should have a destructor.
4. It should have getters and setters for each member.
5. It should contain the following member functions: Height, Width, Area, Perimeter, and Intersect.
6. The Intersect function should have another rectangle as the input, and return a bool based on whether the two rectangles intersect.
* Intersect() function determines if two rectangles share a common area.
7. It should contain a static member, iRefCount, which keeps track of the number of CRectangle objects. Increment it in the constructor, and decrement it in the destructor.
8. It should have any other attributes or member functions needed to make the class complete.

Sample output.
Area of rectangle 1 is 1600
Area of rectangle 2 is 400
The two rectangles intersect.
The number of rectangles is 2
The number of rectangles is 3
The number of rectangles is 2
please , if anyone make this programm then let me kkowand send me at salman.yaqub@yahoo.com. i know its like a headache but i will be really grateful to you all. thanks..