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    trsafering access record in sql data base...

    Assumig i have acces my_db.mdb and my_mdb.mdf (in instace named DVD377-14D9E48C\SQLEXPRESS)
    Access mdb have table named my_table with:


    i have same table named my_table in sql instance with same named record and same property of access mdb

    i want to transfer all record from access table in sql db, record by record...


    rs.recorset1 of access in rs.recorset1 of sql db
    rs.recorset2 of access in rs.recorset2 of sql db
    rs.recorset3 of access in rs.recorset3 of sql db


    record by record becose during the export from access to sql i make various operation on single record...

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    Hi, you can link external tables (via ODBC, ADO, etc.) in access via the "Link" command in the database view (my copy of Access is not in English, so I don't know the exact name of the command, so it could be named differently). With your external table linked you can perform append and update queries on it from your access tables. This however works only if the operations you need to perform on the records can be done with Access querying functions (Iif, etc.).

    If your export requires some other operations that cannot be performed from within access, you can export the table to a CSV or similar file, perform the operations with an external tool, and reimport it back into access, where you can append it to the external linked table.


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