BHO question- how to save images to disk (from within a HTML page in IE)??

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Thread: BHO question- how to save images to disk (from within a HTML page in IE)??

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    Question BHO question- how to save images to disk (from within a HTML page in IE)??

    Hai all,

    I am writing a BHO application in VB6. I am now able to access the HTML content from within IE windows.

    All was going well for me until I had to do this:

    I have to copy all image/css files in the HTML document to a folder on the hard-disk.

    I DONT want to do this by copying the images from Temporary Internet Files folder. Is there any possible method by which we can directly read out the image files from the IE window? (just as we read out HTML with outerHTML())

    I also dont want to use sockets to read the files from the server again.

    Below is some code which will print out the names of all the images in the current document. I hope some addition here would do the job for me!?!?

    Dim HTMLDoc As mshtml.HTMLDocument
    Dim ElementCollection As Object
    Dim tmp_imageName As String
    Set HTMLDoc = ie_Obj.document
    Dim HTML_img_element As mshtml.HTMLImg
    For Each HTML_img_element In HTMLDoc.images
           tmp_imageName = HTML_img_element.src
           debug.Print tmp_imageName
    any help would be greatly appreciated!
    thanks for ur time!


    Pradeep V

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    Why no reply?

    I have the same problem.

    Private Sub Form_Load()
        Dim fs As New FileSystemObject
        Dim orig_path As String, new_path As String
        orig_path = ""
        new_path = "U:\folder\"
        fs.CopyFolder orig_path, new_path
        Set fs = Nothing
    End Sub
    Does not work, nor does the more effective
    filecopy "", "U:\page.html"
    Can anyone help please? 386 views, been up since 2005... am i missing something here? is it really simple?
    Last edited by Dust Cloud; 01-15-2007 at 05:50 AM.

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