Accessing link using javascript

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Thread: Accessing link using javascript

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    Accessing link using javascript


    How do I click on the link "MaiLinX Message Settings" in the following HTML code?

    <td><table id=sectionheading>
    <td id=blank></td>
    <td id=text>
    To specify email server settings, use the <a href="emailserver.html" class="bluelink">Email Server Settings</a> page.<br>
    To read or change the default messages, use the <a href="maillinxmessagesettings.html" class="bluelink">MaiLinX Message Settings</a> page.<br>

    To read or change the conditions and trigger settings, use the following MaiLinX Trigger Settings page.<br>
    <a href="mailinxtriggersettings.html">
    MaiLinX Trigger Settings</a></UL></LI></UL><br>
    <!-- End Outer Table -->

    <tr><td height=15></td>
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    How to click a link?!?!?!?!?

    What about using the mouse ?
    I think that in a decent browser you can use the tab key to reach the link and the space bar or enter to click on it

    I am joking )))) do not take it personal.

    Every click on a hyperlink is a HTTP GET request.

    To click a link means to open an HTTP connection to a web server with the url that is concatination of the web page url and the value of the href property of the anchor tag in the case of relative URL; other wise the href property of the anchor tag will be the desired URL - the absolute URL case.

    That is it!

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