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    Transferring Images On Network?

    Iam doing my MSc(IT) final project on "Parallel Processing" using regular java only, me and my partner have basically created a program that should take a certain piece of code with multiple functions and send it over the network to multiple client computers who compute and send the result back to the server.

    One of the modules is the "Generation of fractal images". Now the problem we are facing is how to send the generated images from the client back to the sever using TCP IP.

    Any help would be deeply appreciated

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    sorry i didnt use the search before posting ...ive found some threads with info ...iam looking them up and seeing if i can find the solution ...ill be back with updates ..thanks again ..this is a very useful forum

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    You have a server that waits for the answer(the results). There is a server socket that listens on the serever IP and at the serves port. Just create on the client side a client socket, bind it to the server port and send the image as a byte stream.

    This is a common task and Java has all you need. Just read the manual - there are examples too

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