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    Jun 2006

    MEssages over winsock ( code will be included )

    OK everyone heres the deal....this part of my project has alot of potential for the right person. someone can get the groundwork figured out for this and help me get it in place, i may end up having to post this in a jobs catagory for that person. right now what i need is this...

    frmMain ( main form) has sckIncoming(0) ( winsock control for incoming )

    when a message is sent to ANY user it is received by sckIncoming. heres what i need.

    take whatever is sent and break it down to where the data can be put into variables as well as used..

    i need variables to hold the remote users IP, the data type, the data and the username. what needs to happen is this,.... user1 sends a message, user2 receives it... upon receving the message it needs to figure out #1 what type of data it is.. in this case were dealing with instant message..

    datatype = IM
    RemoteIP should be the other users IP so we can send messages back to the other person.
    and the data should be the message

    basically were creating instant messaging here, we also need to be able to have multiple IM windows open at once and figure out which one belongs to which users... so....

    User1 received a message from User2 and User3. both messages should be in its own IM window and able to be sent back to the right user. SO im assuming that the username should be sent as well and we need to store the information about frmIM(0) and the index as which peron sends/received.....

    does this make sense to anyone?


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    Jun 2006
    PART 1 of this insane process.... sckIncoming(0) & incoming data.

    on frmMain in the formload, should i...

    dim indata as string ( or long or what )

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    Oct 2005
    string of course, over winsock connection u can send 8 KB at once using string type .
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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    Jun 2006
    would it be better to send IM's and things directly to the user or should i create a mesaging server to route everything... right now the serverhandles the chatrooms, but for instant message, should i have the server handle the IM's as well... so if i send you a message it goes to the server, the server gets your info and sends it to you? Thanks!

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    Oct 2005


    No it's not beter at all, the better is to make the role of the server is to make connection between clients only -If u don't plain to track and see their chat- because if u have too many chatters, u will got a trouble when tow sends at the same time and your system will be down everytime , of course u can control this but it will be over when it gets too many chater and maybe someone recives its message after 15 mins of sending it !! only if u will put this chatserver in a big very fast with highest tech server-computer u can make it like that without any problems.
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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