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    Jan 2007

    Anyone Look At This For Us . . . C++ Problem

    Just stuck on a particular question, i have to write code for this problem if anyone can help . . . .

    The organiser of a local classic car rally requires a program(s) that will allow him to enter the competitor details, Name, Car (Make and Model), Engine size and Registration number. The program should store this information in a file. The rally is divided into five stages at the end of each stage the time for each competitor is recorded for that stage, this data should also be stored in a file. At the end of the rally when all the stages have been completed, a table should be produced that shows the aggregate time for each of the competitors.

    Example data:

    Name Make Model Engine Size Registration No.
    Ray Andrews Ford Escort MkII 1600 HGY 273M
    John Hill Opel Manta 2000 TBD 498F
    Andrew Smith Austin Mini Cooper 1300 DVT 749G

    The event normally attracts between 15 and 25 competitors.

    Stage times can be entered against the Car Registration number:

    Registration No. Stage Time
    Mins Secs
    HGY 273M 14 45
    TBD 498F 15 56
    DVT 749G 16 04

    [Hint: It may be easier to store the time in seconds instead of minutes and seconds, then use this to perform the calculations, before doing the final output in Minutes and Seconds]

    The organiser would also like the winner (the driver with the lowest time) to be identified automatically by the computer system.

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    there are built in time manipulation functions in c++. do a search in your help on 'time'

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    Jan 2007
    Dont recomend using this, but i was bored and i had ago at the first part of the program. Do not copy it as it has bugs, but you could write somethign similar to this.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std;
    void main()
    	ofstream write;
    	int racer = 1;
    	string name; 
    	string make;
    	string model;
    	string eSize; 
    	string regNo;
    		cout << "Enter Competitor Details (quit to end)" << endl;
    		cout << "Name: ";
    		getline (cin,name);
    		if ( name == "quit" )
    		cout << "Make: ";
    		getline (cin,make);
    		cout << "Model: ";
    		getline (cin,model);
    		cout << "Engine Size: ";
    		getline (cin,eSize);
    		cout << "Registration No.: ";
    		getline (cin,regNo);
    		cout << endl;
    		write << "Racer: " << racer << "\nName: " << name << endl;
    		write << "Make: " << make << "\nModel: " << model << endl;
    		write << "Engine Size: " << eSize << "\nRegistration No.: " << regNo << "\n" << endl;
    	} while(name, make, model, eSize, regNo != "quit");
    When writing to the text file, it screws up like this:

    Racer: 1
    Name: Ray Andrews
    Make: Ford Escort
    Model: MkII
    Engine Size: 1600
    Registration No.: HGY 273M

    Racer: 2
    Make: John Hill
    Model: Opel
    Engine Size: Manta
    Registration No.: 2000

    Racer: 3
    Name: TBD 498F
    Make: Andrew Smith
    Model: Austin
    Engine Size: Mini Cooper
    Registration No.: 1300

    Racer: 4
    Name: DVT 749G

    And also doesnt quit properly when you type quit.

    Will :D

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    Jan 2007

    Can Anyone finish it off ? ? ? ? ?

    Ive managed to do most code i think, needs some looking at at going over if anyone could help ?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #define MAX 25 /* Maximum number Rally Competitors*/
    FILE *fp;
    char reg[MAX] [10];
    float results [MAX] [20];

    int menu (char *Option[], int size)
    //At the bottom of the Menu screen - enter choice

    int i, choice=0;
    char buff [20];

    printf ("\n\n\nMenu\n\n");

    for (i=0; i<=size;i++)
    printf ("%d %s\n", i+1, Option [i]);
    printf ("\n\nEnter option : ");
    choice = atoi (gets (buff));
    }while (choice<1 || choice >size+1);
    return (choice);

    int file_open (char *filename, char *mode)
    // Opens file

    int success = 0;

    if ((fp = fopen (filename, mode)) == NULL)
    printf ("Cannot open file");
    success = 1;
    printf ("\nFile %s opened", filename);
    return success;


    void input (void)
    // Allows the Input of data
    // Restricts the insertion of registration numbers to four
    // and corresponding results for twelve months*/

    int month,minutes,i=0;
    char buff [20];
    char filename [25];
    int open =0;

    printf ("\nInput\n\n");

    printf ("\nEnter Car registration numbers\n\nEnter x to finish \n");
    printf("Enter NAME (%3d):",i+1);
    printf("Enter CAR Make :",i+1);
    printf("Enter CAR Model :",i+1);
    printf("Enter CAR Engine Size :",i+1);

    printf ("\nEnter reg (%3d) : ", i+1);
    //Took (%3d) out originally and thought it looked more attractive
    gets (reg[i]);
    if (strcmp (reg[i],"x")!=0) i++;
    } while (strcmp (reg[i], "x") !=0 && i < MAX);

    for (minutes=0; minutes<i; minutes++)
    printf ("\nEnter Stage Time 1: \n\n", reg [minutes]);
    minutes = atof (gets (buff));

    printf ("\nEnter Stage Time 2: \n\n", reg [minutes]);
    minutes = atof (gets (buff));

    printf ("\nEnter Stage Time 3: \n\n", reg [minutes]);
    minutes = atof (gets (buff));

    printf ("\nEnter Stage Time 4: \n\n", reg [minutes]);
    minutes = atof (gets (buff));

    printf ("\nEnter Stage Time 5: \n\n", reg [minutes]);
    minutes = atof (gets (buff));


    printf ("\nData Entry complete\n\nCreate data file to store data\n");
    printf ("\n\nEnter filename (including path):");
    gets (filename);
    open = file_open (filename, "wb");

    if (open)
    //store data (number of items followed by the items)
    //close file
    printf ("\n\nWriting data");
    fwrite (&i, sizeof(int), 1, fp);
    // fwrite (&cost, sizeof (float), 1, fp);
    printf ("\n\nItems written: %1d ", i);//%3d changed

    for (minutes=0; minutes<i; minutes++)
    fwrite (&reg[minutes], sizeof (reg[minutes]), 1,fp);

    for (minutes=0; minutes<i; minutes++)
    for (month=0; month<=11; month++)
    fwrite (&results [minutes] [month], sizeof (float),1,fp);
    fclose (fp);
    printf ("\n\nData stored and file %s closed", filename);
    printf ("Could not save data!");

    int Get_data (void)
    char filename [25];
    int i,minutes,month, open=0;

    printf ("\nReport\n\nRetrieve data from specified file\n");
    printf ("\n\nEnter filename (including path):");
    gets (filename);
    open = file_open(filename, "rb");
    if (open)
    fread (&i, sizeof (i),1,fp);
    // fread (&cost, sizeof (cost),1,fp);
    for (minutes=0; minutes<i; minutes++)
    fread(&reg [minutes], sizeof (reg[minutes]),1,fp);
    for (minutes=0; minutes<i; minutes++)
    for (month=0; month<=11; month++)
    fread (&results [minutes][month], sizeof (float),1,fp);
    fclose (fp);
    return (i);
    printf ("\nCould not get data!");
    return (0);

    // Displays the information in a table

    void report (int i)

    int minutes, month;

    float grandtotal = 0.0; /* Total of all times */

    // print headings
    // spacings would not work if the Registration number was of variable length
    printf ("\n\n\nReg Stage1 Stage2 Stage3 Stage4 Stage5 Average");

    for (minutes=0; minutes<i; minutes++)
    printf ("\n%8s", reg[minutes]);
    subtotal [minutes]=0;
    for (month=0; month<=4; month++)

    printf ("%4.0f",results[minutes][month]);
    subtotal[minutes] = subtotal[minutes] + results [minutes][month];

    // This gives the subtotal and the average at the end of the first table
    average[minutes] = (subtotal [minutes] /(float) month);
    grandtotal += subtotal[minutes];
    printf ("%4.0f %4.0f", subtotal [minutes],average[minutes]);

    // Displays grand total of mileage
    printf ("\n\nTotal Time:%4.0f", grandtotal);

    // This is the final table displaying results from calculations

    printf ("\n\n\n\nReg Total ");

    for (minutes=0; minutes<i; minutes++)
    printf ("\n%8s", reg[minutes]);
    printf ("%4.0f", subtotal[minutes]);



    void main (void)
    //Displays and selects the Options in the Menu program

    char *Options [] = {"Enter data", "Display results", "Exit"};
    int choice=0;
    int size, minutes, i=0;

    printf ("\nPlease insert data disk to store or retrieve data\n");

    for (minutes=0;minutes<=i;minutes++);

    choice = menu (Options, 2);
    printf("%d", choice);
    if (choice==1)
    printf ("\nEnter data\n\n");
    printf ("\n\nEntry Complete\n");
    if (choice==2)
    printf ("\nProducing report\n");
    size = Get_data();
    }while (choice!=3);
    printf ("\n\nThank you, remove your data disk now\n\n");

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