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    Dec 2006

    Apache installation error


    Now i have used Apache 2.0.59 in WindowsXP as a https login . Its working fine.

    Now i test the same setup in Windows Vista machine, but i cannot install apache as a service.

    The error shown is, Couldnot found MSVCR71.dll .Reinstallation may fix this problem.

    I just copy the file from my WindowsXp machine( from C:/Windows32) and paste in the Vista machine's
    apache/bin folder. Now i can start the Apache.exe.

    But i cannot install it as a service. When i try to install there is no error appear. But in the services.msc the service name is not present and the apache is not installed . when i try to start as a service the error , The system cannot find the path. No installed service name <Apache Service Name>.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Oct 2005
    I don't know what is the relation between c++ and your problem but I think u should wait for a new upgreat for appache that support vista , that's better .
    or maybe just search for the newer file version of "MSVCR71.dll" this may help u .
    Also u may look in their faq if there is some thing that should be done for correct installation and running services .
    (I think u r talking about 2.2.4 so read this maybe it's useful : HERE)
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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