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Thread: QUERY: Client-side DataGrid for faster fluid feel?

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    QUERY: Client-side DataGrid for faster fluid feel?

    Is it possible to make some of the DataGrid functionality to client-side? Such as the Edit, Update, Cancel, Delete functionality? Everytime I click on a row's Edit button, I wait 2 seconds before I see the Edit controls (eg. textboxes, drop-down combos, checkboxes). I understand that the DataGrid's Edit, Cancel, Update, Delete functions are server-side because it uses ASP.NET postback handler functions.

    What I like is these Edit, Cancel, Update, Delete functions being on client-side, but uses AJAX requests in background. This would make the user feel fluid editing (opposed to the 2 seconds delay for each DataGrid button pressed).

    Is this possible with the standard DataGrid? Or can the DataGrid be overrided so that the Edit, Cancel, Update, Delete functions operate on client-side, and sends the actual Update/Delete command using AJAX? This is so much faster and better than the current slow DataGrid.

    If one has to code all this functionality manually, how would one go about it?

    If I don't see much prospect of the DataGrid, I'll eventually abandon ASP.NET with GWT.

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    Microsoft just released their AJAX implementation and that should handle what you are looking for:

    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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