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    Oct 2005

    Arrow A better method to upgreat jdk for GUI .


    I got a coded GUI with the jdk 1.5 , but I have the 1.6 one then when running the files, it gives me too many errors in the form and controls structurs .. all errors are in the protected code , and haven't any relation with the form code (I got an empty form and it has errors too) ...

    Now I had two options , the first is to install the jdk 5 and use it with this project .. and the second is to remanufactures all the forms to compile with the jdk 6 .. really I first installed the jdk 5 near mine and used it , but before continuing I noticed that I want to continue my work on the most updated platform so I had to make the the forms structures again under jdk 6 .

    Well originally I'm was asking about the better method to make this work, what to do if I send my code to someone who have jdk 5 or less , and what if there is jdk 7 , how to update ? I think there is a better method those forms and I don't know it so please give me some help in this .

    Another question , as said before I updated all forms under the old project, I have removed the old form files too , and now each form run succ. but when compiling the whole project it gives me error in the build xml file ... I think it has relation with the old project so how to solve this ? all errors are of type class name couldn't be null , and it points in a part of an xml file ..
    If there is noway to work with this project , how to safely copy my forms and put them again in another new project without loosing any configurations ??

    thanks .
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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    Mar 2004
    I think I remember from another of your posts you stated you were using Netbeans. You can set the JDK version to use for each project individually. I have both 1.5 and 1.6 installed and, unless I'm using a 1.6 specific feature, it converts back and forth just fine. What kind of errors are you getting?

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    Oct 2005
    Thanks Phaelax for reply, as said before I did that first time , but I want to continue under 1.6 so I had to reform all the old forms , I'm asking if there is a better method to do that , I don't want to reform all my forms again to make them run under 1.5 or under 1.7 in the future ..
    all errors are in the protected code : in initcomponents exactly .. it told me java.bla bla is not bla bla .. with no suggestion neither explained error ... and most of them say java.bla bla not found or not correct or not exact and all that ...
    I finally now can compile all and it runs correctly but I just want to take precautions to future update or running under later platform .
    Thank u.
    Programmer&Cracker CS

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