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Thread: ezVidC60 is SpyWare?

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    Feb 2007

    ezVidC60 is SpyWare?

    We included ezVidC60.ocx in our application last month to capture photos for attaching to client cards. We just got a report that ezVidC60.ocx is coming up as spyware some users computer. A quick search of the web shows that it is, indeed, spyware related to Win-Spy Commercial Logger.

    Did this get misreported somewhere down the line? Or is it definitely spyware?

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    Feb 2007
    Apparently not, from the articles i have read so far, the ezVidC60.ocx is related to an application called Spyware.WinSpy which is used for the following purposes:

    Log chat and instant message conversations.
    Capture information about every window viewed.
    Log all the visited Web site titles and addresses.
    Log keystrokes and the windows in which they were entered.
    Monitor email.
    Capture screen shots
    Download, hide, create, or delete files or folders.

    So if the .ocx file has been registered as spyware then this file will treated as such.

    Hope this is of some help

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    Feb 2007
    Thanks. I read A LOT yesterday, and did see that on Symantec's site... and a handful of others. I emailed the author, Ray Mercer, and he assured me that it definitely was not spyware.

    I have contacted Symantec and a couple of the others about the misreport.

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