Hi to all.. I am new in asp.net 2..

I have a table with 3 fields. First name, Last Name, Description.

I've created a GridView page to show list of them and provide insert, update, delete.
So far everything ok. When I click on a row, with FormView I have a small popup and show
the fields there. For Description I have a multiline text box (like a textarea) so the user can write
up to 300 characters.

My problem is:
1) How can I have a label on this pop-up form, and after the page is loaded, I could count the number
of characters and show it.
2) How I can count the characters being typed or deleted?
3) How I can enforce the user to write at least 100 characters or not more than 200?

Any comments are welcome..

Thanks in advance for your time..