String Tokenizer Question

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Thread: String Tokenizer Question

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    String Tokenizer Question

    I know String Tokenizer is not the best way to solve this problem but i have to use it. Basically how do i setup the tokenizer to Extract all letters seperately.

    So given the string "xyz|[" i need to get the tokens:
    "x","y","z","|","[". Just wondering how to do this, and if i even can do this by just setting up a certain delimeter. Thanks.

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    I think the best approach is using String.toCharArray() and u will get a Character array. or use charAt() instead of StringTokenizer.
    I don't understand why you are compelled to use StringTokenizer.

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    May 2005
    yeah its just for an assignment, but im using charAt now, will ask prof why he tells us to use Tokenizer, thanks.

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    I don't understand it, either. There is no "delimiter" to tokenize the string ... not even white space. How can you "split" the string ... I think sudheerprem's and your approach with charAt is the best way to address this problem.

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    I had to do something similar and I used the split method.

    I had to read all the lines from a file and count the number of occurrences of each letter.

    while((textLine = MyFile.readLine()) !=null)
    			//Create an array to hold each of the words
    			//Remove any whitespace character (tab, new line, form feed, 
    			//end of line, carriage return)
    			String[] numWords = newLine.split("\\s");
    Hopefullt this will be of use to you as I found it a nightmare to do

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    AdRock: why wouldn't charAt do the same thing? Just iterate up the string, take charAt.

    The problem which p1kn1c is dealing with is the assignment calls for him to use StringTokenizer.

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