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    Problem running jars in applet

    I have an application that i downloaded which currently uses a bat file to run to JAR files. What I am trying to do is run these JARS in an applet. The author had given permission in the readme files to do so just not explaining how. I have done this with other similar apps but never one that ran two jar files.

    This is the bat file that runs the two jars:

    start javaw -cp jEnesis.jar;lwjgl.jar jenesis.Main

    Here is a link to the files if anyone would like to take a look:

    I am new to java but not new to programming so I do not understand much about jar files. I extracted the JAR and looked to find the main class to see if applets where initialized but they were all in strange characters which I am not sure why. Any help you could give would be great. Thanks

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    <applet code=YourMainClass.class width=100 height=100>
    <param name="archive" value="myJar.jar, myOtherjar.jar" />
    <param name="parame1" value="value1">
    <param name="param2" value="value2">


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