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    Exclamation Prototype/AJAX Learning Question


    I wish to ask one question that I also want to learn prototype and want to do Ajax programming (I already have enough knowledge of almost all the web related popular scripting and server side languages) but when I see some Ajax example created from prototype on the net and see the source code. It's not identical to traditional javascript, can you please tell me is there any special requirement to be a master of prototype programming. Why it seems me too complicated although i already knew javascript.

    Can you please guide me in learning what should I do ?


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    Prototype is a Javascript framework and, as such, it uses certain functions in order to simplify common tasks. The whole point of Prototype is to do the exact same things you could already do in Javascript, but do them more quickly or efficiently (e.g. by writing less code). In order to accomplish that, it provides certain methods and functions layered over traditional Javascript.

    This article provides a nice overview of some of these syntax issues:

    It's not complicated but it will require you to do some additional study.


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